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A Home designed with Nature, inspired by family's asian heritage and appreciation for Japanese design
Location: Burnaby, B.C.
Client: Private residence
Completed: 2018
Architect: David Wong
Area: 5,300 sq ft
: -

A steep sloped treed site provided design inspiration for this home. A family with a spiritual connection to nature – requested that trees on the property were to be saved, and to also place "rescue trees" that were being removed from other redevelopment sites. Feature trees were highlighted through framed views; a rainwater harvesting system was designed using several large water cisterns and a retention pond to create a network of natural drip irrigation from the collected rainwater for their vegetable and fruit tree gardens.

The home's footprint was planned around existing mature trees and the main living spaces was oriented towards the south for solar panel placement and for views. All feature spaces are awashed with natural daylight, and the home "breathes" through cross ventilation in all rooms. A bright stairwell serves to enhance the natural ventilation with a solar /heat activated skylight. Facing south-west, the barrel roof over the living area is coloured white (i.e. higher albedo) to help mitigate solar heat gain.