Location: Vancouver
Completed: August 2018
Architect: David Wong
Area: 1,585 sq ft per home

This duplex home was designed for fairness for the families living in each home.

Here was the challenge: duplex homes are often built back to back, or side by side. A "back to back" results in only one home with a front door… while the other home with just a back door entry. The "side by side" layout results in two long narrow units.

The duplex homes in this design were placed such that both homes had a front door with street presence, and both had a back door opening to a shared backyard garden.

The resulting floor plans were interlocking layouts placed on this typical east Vancouver sized (33' x 120') lot. It was "equitable layout", such that the families in each duplex home could enjoy the benefits of both front and back yard open spaces.