Taming the Monster Home

A 1990's 'Monster House' was purchased by a family who wanted to re-design the house with clean contemporary lines, and to make the house healthier– allow the house to breathe and bathe in natural daylight. In addition, the old building was affected with "Leaky Condo" syndrome – its walls were rotting and mould was everywhere within the perimeter walls.

Building regulations had changed over the years, and there was a benefit to maintain the overall massing and form of the existing house.

The original double volume living room windows could not sufficiently daylight the space. It was dark and required indoor lights to be switched on, even during daylight hours. To overcome this, internal walls were repositioned, and exterior walls were introduced with generous energy efficient windows redesigned as continuous "open light" elements. The fireplace was also redesigned to accent the high spaces. New windows provided fresh circulating air, natural light, and were positioned to offer a visual connection to the outdoor garden.

It has been a great pleasure working with David! We were new to Canada… David gave 110% effort and support in our renovation and performed a miracle to change a big monster house into a modern and eco-friendly home we really love! I can't imagine how hard it would have been without David – his honesty, integrity, and professionalism really helped give peace of mind in our undertaking of this challenge! The Kwan Family

Front Entry

A 2 step landing platform just behind the front doors, posed a problem for wheelchair accessibility inside the front entry space. This challenge was resolved by lowering the outside walkway with a gentle slope to facilitate wheelchair movement. A short "feng shui" screen was placed at the front door by the owner, to provide visual screening privacy.

Living Room

Original double volume space was dark and required indoor lights to be switched on during the day. Resolved with windows redesigned into continuous elements. The redesigned fireplace also accented the high space. More important, the new windows provided fresh circulating air, natural light and a visual connection to the outdoors.

Dining Hall

An unfortunate walled in dining space was opened up, allowing in light and clear visual lines to adjunct spaces helped redefine the dining space.

我們曾經很榮幸可以和黃海天一起合作!我們初到加拿大,黃海天在我們的裝修上付出了110%的努力和支持,從而實現了一個奇蹟,將一間怪異的大房子變成了一個現代環保的家,我們非常喜愛!我難以想像如果沒有他,這個項目會有多難以完成。他的誠實、正直和敬業精神實在令我們感到安心地去接受這個挑戰! 關先生和家人

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