Laneway home for a Musician

Small footprint homes are currently being built throughout metro Vancouver in single family nieghbourhoods.

This Vancouver laneway home was designed for a music composer/ engineer, who had desired a design that would physically express his passion for the acoustical arts.

A curved roof form represented the organic nature of sound, and the amplification of sound visualized as a concave shape. More important, the curved shape helped amplify daylight from the skylight positioned on top of the roof – akin to a concave mirror. A living room, dining, kitchen and bathroom were planned on the main floor. The second floor has two bedrooms and a full bathroom, plus two exterior deck areas.

The exterior finish is comprised of cedar wood and a recycled composite cementitious board. These materials are repeated inside to help unify the owner's design theme of a robust westcoast environment. Rainwater is efficiently collected from the barrel vaulted roof into a rain barrel that is used to water the milkweed garden created for butterflies.