Maximizing Efficiency on a Small Site

A small irregular shaped corner lot in an established Vancouver neighbourhood presented the parameters that helped shape this home. The owners expressed a desire for materials and a design that recalled the crests of forests, the beauty of openness, and of precipitous natural land forms of their ancestral homeland of Finland, and that of B.C.

Cedar and stone were used to symbolize Nature and as materials to complement one another. Applied on the the home's exterior, these materials were also used to highlight interior feature spaces. The home's massing, shape and form were generated from the odd shaped city lot, with memories of precipitous landforms interpreted as an undulating roofline.

The home's Great room with its vaulted ceilings and full height windows define a central family gathering place that helps contrast the smaller scaled entry hall. The double height volume ordered the home's layout– connecting views, spatial relations, and hierarchies of rooms so that all spaces can share in capitalizing the natural light that washes the central space.

Oversized north and south-facing windows with shade controls help connect the outdoors into the house. Conveniently placed and duplicated 3-way multi-switch contols for the home's lighting allowed for convenience, flexibility, and an energy efficient lighting plan. A skylight daylights the master bedroom closet space. Other operable skylights help with the circulation of air for all bedrooms and living spaces through the use of operable windows that help facilitate dsiplacement ventilation.