Neighbours Sharing Space

After the completion of a rear yard urban habitat and vegetable garden, an adjacent neighbour desired a similar outdoor living space. The value of urban habitats and their opportunities was understood. The idea of a shared garden with shared resources strengthened the designed benefits for the neighbouring owners.

Rainwater collectors from each house were united in the formation of a rainwater collection pond. The rainwater was recirculated back to the stream bed's head area to aerate the water, thereby discouraging the growth of algae or mosquito pests. Garden paths, planting schemes, and views from and to each others' gardens were were connected, highlighted… and at the same time, respected the common property line to allow for future modifications.

A unified layout design was created to the enjoyment of both families, and also by invited neighbours and friends. Near views and distant vistas were enhanced through the use of "borrowed views", a technique used in ancient Chinese garden design.

Best of all, birds and amphibians have found their own ways to also share the space.