Low Maintenance, Waterwise Front Yard

The front yard is on a slope, resulting in a series of retaining walls. Original portions of this yard that sat above the street often resulted in a dried brown patches of lawn, due to drainage. However, it was an ideal location to host a low maintenance, low water use garden.

Adjacent surface rainwater is collected in swales (gentle depressions) that directs the run-off to a few trees and to the minimal care grasses, cacti (opuntia species), yuccas, coreopsis and lavender bushes that offer the senses a wide palette of textures, colours and fragrances.

Back Yard Rainwater Pond

A portion of the rain water from the garage and house roofs is collected in cisterns- used to water garden plants. Most of the rainwater is retained in a backyard pond that is recirculated and aerated via a waterfall to help mitigate algal and mosquito issues.

Overflow from the pond is directed into a bog filled with sphagnum moss, edible berry plants and carnivorous plants - pitcher plants, venus fly-traps, and sundews.

Embrace simple solutions for creating comfort – window placements, overhangs and canopies for sun and weather protection; natural ventilation through openings in walls, floors and skylights for air to circulate and flow through; enable daylight to wash indoor spaces; create outdoor gardens as "living rooms" that also serve as valuable urban habitats… a place for our fellow creatures to share our living world.

David Wong Architect AIBC