Sharing a Garden with Local Critters

Over the years, the lawn in David's backyard was replaced with edible landscaping– fruit trees, berry plants, and vegetables. Co-existing with the edible plants were native vegetation, a pond, and a bog that sourced its water from the rain water collected from the garage and main house roofs.

Generations of local tree frogs have made the pond and garden their home. The pond welcomes visitors every day– from hummingbirds, herons and woodpeckers to racoons, toads, and dragonflies. Overflow from this rainwater pond is directed into a bog, where cranberries, blueberries and carnivorous plants flourish. The frogs and song birds eat pesky bugs and reward the evenings with their serenades throughout the spring and summmer months.

An Urban Habitat

David's small yard is home to 18 species of fruit trees, including, varieties of Asian Pears, Apples, Kiwis, Lemons, Orange, Plums, and Persimmons. There are also non-fruit bearing trees such as Mountain Ash and Magnolias. On the ground are Blueberries, Cranberries, Gooseberries and Strawberries.

During winter months, less hardy varieties are protected with burlap covers or brought into a greenhouse made of recycled windows.

不要總是依賴科技。用簡單的解決方案去創造舒適– 替換窗戶、挑樑、為陽光和天氣保障而設的篷子;通過在牆壁、地板和天窗的開口讓空氣流通循環以達到自然通風的效果;讓日光照在屋內空間;把"客廳"創建在室外花園,同時可以作為有價值的城市居所,讓我們的同胞共享我們的生活圈子。 黄海天 : : 建築師+ 都市生態學家
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