Renovation: A Home that Breathes

Opened lower level windows in combination with opened skylights, allow air to naturally flow out. Photos on this page also show the open voids located at the floor-window interface and in the walls… all in an effort to facilitate air movement.

Outdoors, rainwater is harvested from the roof and is retained in a backyard pond, where generations of local tree frogs have made it their home. Overflow from this rainwater pond is directed into a bog, where cranberries, blueberries and carnivorous plants flourish.

For more information on the backyard pond and urban habitat, please visit this page.

Embrace simple solutions for creating comfort – window placements, overhangs and canopies for sun and weather protection; natural ventilation through openings in walls, floors and skylights for air to circulate and flow through; enable daylight to wash indoor spaces; create outdoor gardens as "living rooms" that also serve as valuable urban habitats… a place for our fellow creatures to share our living world.
– David Wong, Architect AIBC