A Home on the Rocks

This house is nestled amongst large exposed granitic rock formations along the rugged West Vancouver coastline overlooking the deep fjords of the Salish Sea. This natural setting was the inspiration for its design: A House of Stone complemented by and embraced by tall cedar trees, lush undergrowth, and by the sea.

To mimic its natural setting, the home's exterior is finished with split face concrete blocks for its colour and texture. As a finish material, concrete comes with intrinsic qualities of energy efficiency, sustainability, fire resistance, moisture management, and ease of maintenance. This exterior finish continues into the home, and is used at the entry lobby, and is recalled at the living room fireplace. These visual cues help connect the home's relationship to the outdoors.

A colour palette was inspired from both the organic and non-organic elements of nature on which the home is nestled – rocks, ground cover and evergreen trees offer cooler shades of green, grey, and white; whereas autumn leaves, summer flowers, birds, and the summer sunset helped present the warm complementary colours.

Large roof overhangs on the home's south and west aspects provide shelter from the rain and also helps control solar gain and glare while facilitating natural daylighting deep into the home.