Turning Challenge into Opportunity

A steep drop in a family's rear yard rendered it practically unusable. For decades, the backyard was a collection of difficult to access and maintain trees and lawn patches, interspersed between a long continuous utilitarian staircase that led from a car parking pad to the house.

This challenge became a design opportunity. The vertical drop was transformed into a series of connected garden terraces – breaking the sloped surface into a re-designed sequence of pauses, with vegetable and fruit tree gardens, featured seating and gathering places for family, friends, and neighbours.

Key to the success of this effort was the identification of trees and landmarks that helped anchor and organize focal points within the property and vistas beyond. The location of feature spaces were positioned to capitalize on the site's natural slope and exposure to the late afternoon and evening sun.. Trees were restored back to health, bird houses were installed, rainwater swales and collection points were created, and large boulders excavated were kept, repositioned, and featured.

Our earlier landscape designers failed to appreciate and integrate the steep vertical drop in our project. It took an architect in David Wong to visualize and present a great design that turned the vertical drop from a problem into a feature. We are very thankful that he could turn our wasted land into a beautiful and useful effective space!

Jack Gin, Owner

View from Upper Terrace

Steps were designed to function and alternate as seating arrangements around a firepit.

Retaining Walls and Steps

Photo taken shortly after completion. Vines and vegetation has been trained along the walls and landings

我們曾經的景觀設計師在我們的項目中,沒能重視和整合22尺的垂直落差,而建築師黃海天設想和呈現出一個很棒的設計,將垂直落差從一個問題變成一個特色。我們非常感謝他將我們無用的土地轉化成為一塊美麗而有用並有效的景觀。 Jack Gin

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