Learning from First Nations. Respect for Traditional Ways

It is an honour to have been invited to collaborate with First Nation communities. Every design is an opportunity for learning and for sharing. Coastal communities experience many similar challenges – exposure to rain forest conditions and resource management. However, every community is unique and deserves creative solutions that respect past, current and future concerns. Knowledge from elders, sharing collective histories on community, housing and resources has enabled us to explore innovative solutions– from energy conservation, construction techniques & materials, to food preparation, language preservation and ceremony.


In Fall 2013, David Wong was inducted as an Honorary Witness by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. At this event, David spoke of embracing the values our First Peoples offer to our world– of respecting, nurturing, and protecting our earth, and understanding our relationship to all living things.

Designing a home is the easy part. The challenge is building community. One with a future connected to the past, with hope and with opportunities. A place for these homes to belong

David and his office are assisting First Nation communities build their own homes. Affordable homes built by their own people– by supporting and mentoring new generations of builders and designers across the province. A partnership with the Nuxalk Nation and Camosun College, the past 2 years have seen us train over 70 trades people and designers complete 120+ new healthy and energy-wise homes and gathering places.

In recognition of David Wong's support for indigenous peoples, David is the first person of Chinese ancestry to have been adopted by over a dozen indigenous families and clans across Turtle Island (North America), including the Haida (BC), Sinx't (Washington) and Nisga'a (BC).

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